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The British Beard and Moustache Competition 2014!

Today from 10am weird and wonderful beards and moustaches alike all gathered together at the Bath Pavilion for the British Beard and Moustache Competition.

There was an array of different styles and many eccentric looks –  some of which included: a man dressed from head to toe in orange, a 1920s inspired old time wrestler and even a red dragon!People travelled from Guildford, Essex, Birmingham, Wales, Scotland and even Australia just to compete today! Some have even been growing their beards 2 years in advance! Now that’s commitment!
The atmosphere and energy was incredible and the excitement was palpable. Not a single face was without a smile and laughter could be heard throughout the morning.
Women and children both sported beards and moustaches although theirs were made from fake-fur, glitter and sequins.
What’s great is that many of the clubs, for instance, the Handlebar Club, raised money and donated to charity, making this, not only an incredibly entertaining way to spend the weekend but also a great way to help those in need.

One of our own, Siân Morgan, was interviewing and reporting live from the event for the University of Bath Student Media. Although once she declared to not be a ‘fan’ of beards – she has completely changed her mind!

The fellowship of the fury folk are a wonderfully wacky group of men and women!

Judging continues on until 19.00pm and then the Champions will be chosen and glory will be bestowed upon them and their family.
Of course, we will post as soon as we know who the victors are!
More photos will be uploaded tomorrow when the winners are announced and you for yourself can see what visiting Bath has to offer!